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InspiredMemories Foundation

Bringing all together

The Independence to change

Bringing modification act in the area of Education, Technology & People

Togetherness is the main ingredient

We are achieving as a team to help people and their lifestyles which drive them from poverty to happiness

The Story

Why we started

It is the foundation started to help people to live independently by providing what they need. For the people who uses internet, we have our company but for those who don't know about internet, we started to educate them about it. In remote areas we approached them and we got to know about their problems. Hence we formed the foundation which stands for them and assist them to choose their own life and building knowledge by giving education which is a part of IM Foundation. We are now building young minds in the form of children adoption of digitalness in rural areas.

United to change

Restless Team of Youngsters

We prepared ourselves to motivate every individual who are in need of change. We help them together to enhance their life with technology by teaching them about current trends. Life gets difficult but we need to have bigger hearts to face it. In all the situations we stand together with people to get them out of troubles.

In all the forms of helping peoiple, we will be in the first place basically in the field of technical education. We believe in future of technology



Our plan for near future

To study the human psychology to create better lives which will be worthy of an earning happiness. Primary agenda of our foundation is to create passion about their life.

Building dreams to live for them by donating necessary materials which may serve the cause. Integral part of development will be the Education which will be provided according to their skill interest. Technology tools will be provided for their upgrade. Eventually this endeavour helps to the betterment of society.



How we see the future

The future of our foundation is about to work with the dream to see every human on this planet to live happily with their passion.

Our vision is not only to provide better facility to rural areas, we want to see the whole world to get facilitated with needy things. We work together to make this world as a better place. We are humans and living like human is our responsibility on this planet.


Our Dream

Every person on this planet should live with the freedom of changing. Every one must have the oppourtunity to live on any network area in this world comfortably

The Works

How we do the work

We are always in the search of needy people who are worthy to learn technology & places where technology needs to be taken care of. We witness the growth of a child in their own intrested field. Our Volunteers & Student Partners will insist people to be updated with the world & connect with weekly Programs & Events in concerned aminities .


Getting aid from schools or colleges for the grades is not the real education. It is the concept of learning and discovering wonders out of curiousness.


Real passion comes from the crazy mind which thinks about the goal instead of failures


Technology is a life which draws the human nature into a colourful painting but the real life of people is like a mozart where freequencies are always higher

The Foundation

Our services

We are selected in the world to do bigger things. Every life has its purpose. Purpose to dream, purpose to live and purpose to change. We believe in change and change brings us freedom to live

Smart Education

Smartness should be there in learning hence we prepare to train smart not to get good grades, we teach to create passion and make learners as achievers.


Our culture is unique which makes people to get satisfaction about their learning. We create interests in learning rather than old traditional headache way of teaching.


We conduct events to have some fun with people. Events like Articles Writing, Photography and Hackathons will market the causes and builds the purpose of technology.

Help & Support

We are here to help people irrespective of their condition. We help the people who are in need of technology assistance anytime, anywhere. We stand to deliver the best as volunteers.

Young Minds

We started this initiative and program as young, this is the foundation dedicated for young minds irrespective of ages. We create specializations which spread compassion and freedom.

Adoption of Passion

We are not like other foundations who works for a cause or for a movement of spark. We are cold fusion guys love to take risks and solve problems. We love what we do hence we adopt passion.

Be with Us

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.

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