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Here's a sneak peek of what IMG (IM Graduation) is about

Let's take up this in an intutive way. We offer children starting from 1st Grade to the students who are at their end of career. The start of IMG (IM Graduation) is by talking with the children and discovering their real interests to develop their minds in such a way that interest will be choosen as their passion to achieve in future. We do the same for all elder aged students with different offerings.

When in the middle of pursuing if they come across any special interest and new topic that intrigues them. We help them to understand it in a better way by bringing concerned person of that department to them. Eventually, they can have a chat, disccussions and can have fun with them irrespective of any age.

We let our students to plant their own idea that already grown as a huge tree in their minds on this world where flying freedom of them can't be snatched by any circumstances of life. We always support practical hands-on experience of their skills so we skip theory part most of times.

While big giants are made for money, we born from it to help everyone to achieve their passion. Making education more practical with traditional methods and help students to build passion towards it. Start your journey in it instead of taking long ways. Our assistance will guide you to the right path. Elegant suggestions will guide you to share your knowledge with others too.

We are always in the search of needy people who are worthy to learn technology & places where technology needs to be taken care of. We witness the growth of a child in their own intrested field. Our Volunteers & Student Partners will insist people to be updated with the world & connect with weekly programs & events in concerned aminities.

This will be the new way of education in which we are taking an assistance from education centers by being partners & providing them an opportunity to build minds instead of products.

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IM Graduation

A unique way of pursuing their dreams with all the support from IM Group & Partnered Institutions. The program included in InspiredMinds to provide a secondary education to children along with academics without any hassels. This program helps them to discover their skills & talents that make them pursue their passion along with academics.

IM Graduation is about getting IM Degree based on individual levels of building themselves with the completion of lightyears. From Primary to UG, students can join in any stages based on their performance evaluation. This program offers degree based on their passion levels rather than ages.

We support talents in the fields they are intrested in or else we help them to know about their real talents. Basically our mision is to make the students aware about current techonology & then making them to pursue their passion rather than giving up.

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We commit with the institutions by being official partners through exchanging mutual informations & agreeing for the terms.

More Details about process

IM Graduation starts right after the enrollment of students followed by the selection of Co-ordinators & Student partners. For assigning the levels of students we conduct an event where our team will take care of the process. We provide mechandise to every student according to the groups. We do workshops on different categories to tell them about the basics then we will arrange for a student counseling to realise about their real interest. Knowing their interest we keep on training them through necessary materials & let them to get the internships to perfect their skill levels. In every stage of their development we will upgrade their levels by marking with rewards & certifications. Getting educated is not only a major part of IM Degree, connecting with the people of different mindset & learning to interact with them serves the major part. Depending on all the aspects of their life students will earn IM Degree. This process can extend until a student reaches his/her goal. Every year they spent in IM Graduation Program will be considered as a lightyear.

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