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Spoorthi Usha is Chief Executive Officer of InspiredMemories. Before being named CEO in June 2016, Spoorthi held innovative roles in both enterprise and consumer businesses across places.

Founding InspiredMemories in 2016, she quickly became known as a leader who could span a breadth of technologies and businesses to transform some of InspiredMemories’s biggest offerings with Innovation.

Most recently, Spoorthi was executive of InspiredMemories’s Program InspiredMinds. In this role she led the transformation to the Education field and product business, which gained the market and took inspiration from competition. Before Founding InspiredMemories, Spoorthi was Graduated from Visheshwaraya Technological University, Belgaum.

Originally from Karnataka, India, Spoorthi lives in Tumkur, Karnataka. She earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication from KNSIT, Bangalore, Spoorthi serves on the board of directors to InspiredMemories as well.

Technology Programs
60% Complete

Working in the technology part as well compare to the other management skills. Her level of design guidelines is simply beautiful and loving.

Business Administration
60% Complete

The company's growth requires advanced level of planning and executing the ideas. She plays an important role in making understand the business and to proceed further.

Application of Skills
70% Complete

Being CEO doesn't shows anyone as a dictator, She Inspires the team to work together and stick to the plans at crisis and works together to solve the problems with our team.

Project Experiences
Jun - Dec 2016
Building Applications for Clients

Across Globe

Adopted DevOps

At the initial stages of the company, she use to assist the team in building web apps and android apps to serve them better. Her contribution in this field is immense. In total, she helped to serve 15 Web Apps to different customers along with 6 android apps in the span of 180 days.

Jan - Dec 2017
Creating a product business plan

Market research

Company Business Development

After success in servicing customers, company has decided to make its own product which will be launched in late 2018s for the development of the product Planning, Communication and Execution has been taken care by her in meantime, she also concentrated towards her creative side of building things in a smooth way.