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Vishruth Harithsa is an Entrepreneur and Tech Aficionado. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology officer of InspiredMemories LLP, and has been dedicated to growing the company’s products and services.

Additionally He is a Former member of IEEE Computer Society India Council and worked as a Student Developer at Microsoft in his education days. Vishruth earned his graduation in Information Science Engineering from Visheshwaraya Technological University, Belgaum. Being in the field of technology, he also love to read articles and write them in his blog at free times. Vishruth loves to mentor the people who needs technical skills.

Before being named as a CTO in June 2016, Vishruth held technical roles in both education and creative businesses across places. Founding InspiredMemories in 2016 with Spoorthi, he became known as a tech leader who could unlock the infinite levels of technology and businesses to transform world’s biggest problems into Innovation.

Web Technologies
60% Complete

Running around the places to learn about Web Technologies has been fun from him and creating web apps that works is his hobby and turnaround

Android Technology
60% Complete

Mobile Application Development is the key factor where we are working on real time products. He is handling all those things with superior attributes.

Technical Administration
60% Complete

Being in chief level it is necessary to concentrate on managing technical team so he plays an important role in deciding how project goes and how it shapes up using approved documentation. Leading team to complete the projects parallelly without any hassle.

Project Experiences
Jun - Dec 2016
Building Applications for Clients

Across Globe

Adopted DevOps

Helped the team to build web apps that served to clients across the places. Mastering in HTML5 and working with Android Studio made the work simpler and easier. This took company to next level and helped to plan its product development.

Jan - Dec 2017
Creating a product business plan

Technology Research

Company Business Development

On the way of building product, It requires lot of technical skills that can pull the development tasks to acompolishment so helped in recruiting technically skilled people so that company can work on their product development better. He worked hard for the development of company's technical stamina and been a leader in building the team that never gives up.