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Have taste of perfection with the quality for your deserved products. Turn your eyes towards atoms which really help you to build molecules!

Mobile Applications

Android/IOS for Updated versions

Web Applications

HTML | WordPress | Drupal | Jumla | Majento


WooCommerce | Shopify | OpenCart

Graphic Design

Logos | Brochures | Banners

Management Systems

ERP | CRM | Billing | CMS

Digital Marketing

SEO | Web Master | Social Networking

Wide Spread

Project Manager

Corporate Network

Team - 20 NOV 2017 – PRESENT

Type of matrix to the corporate world to share their components virtually by connecting each other through professional accounts.

UI/UX Designer

Placement Management System

Team - 16 FEB 2016 – MAR 2017

System for Educational Institutions to preserve the database of students & to clear the issues with placement.

Web Development


Team - 25 SEP 2017 – PRESENT

A platform for farmers to sell their goods, get the requirements they need, post their necessities without any middleman.

Corporate Network

Formal NOV 2017 – Present

The project mainly focused on corporate world to have an official discussions b/w the admins & employees of different companies & even to share their products & virtually.

Placement Management System

PMS May 2016 – MAR 2017

System with three levels of securities to authorise the database of students without any paper works. It acts as a network inside the campus so that eveyone are accessed to post the doubts & solutions.

Agricultural Network

Cultivate Sep 2017 – PRESENT

System b/w the farmer and borrower to avoid the middleman problems. It includes online transactions with the product details & the details regarding agricultural facilities.


PHP & MySql



Visual Basics


Embeded Operations


  • How to Create a Split-Screen Slider With JavaScript


    Response to Stimuli! Yupp, It needs an immersive mind to dive deep in to the scad of matrix. The purity of desire towards the work matters the love towards that. Having a faith of getting result even in the case of starvation needs a lot of influence towards your passion.

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    Talking to yourself with the versions of visions about the great will let you to find new ways of making fun. Be lazy about the wierd things which you don't like & be crazy to jump out of the window to escape from constraints. Let world to follow your trend of innovation.

    10 Remedial Design Pointers for Developers


    Freedom is a feel which always drags to you come out of limitations. Having the fun of your taste with the people you love & to fly towards blue with the wings of confidence needs a blink of braveness from your spreaded mind. It demands you to sacrifice the assimilations happening arround to fly far.

Mission & Vision

  • We are the company built for betterment of people through technology. Being technical, improving lives which ultimately making people to live their way using resources they need. We make the reach to those resources easy and flexible.

  • A foresight of making InspiredMemories as a company that join in the list of some biggest technology giants. We will not compete, we are here to tell the world that we are the only company who respect and preserve humanity but not the money.

  • Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

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