Your New Stop to get things done and keeps you connected with online world. IM Workspace

Browse, Code, Chat, Play & Rest

Welcome to our workspace where you will get the facilities like accessing your social medi to developing your own app. Never miss a virtual office meetings with 24x7 Wifi Connectivity.

Intutive access on hourly basis

IM Workspace is not a hotel room neither a Cafe nor a hotel. We are offering workspace in flexible manner for the people who are in search of a place of collaboration. We like to be with all. We love to code the innovation so we are welcoming everyone to join us and you can code your own things with free Connectivity. If you are a traveller, you can also manage your photos and upload them to the social media. Stay on Hourly Basis with the effective price to feel like your office.

Enjoy the Creativity

InspiredMinds Workspace is not only for coding or to get connected online, It is a place for the creativity too. We got the tools for you to sketch, draw and design the things for your creativity. We help those designs to be more perfect. We are not old monks to be silent. We are very much a perfect people where it is enough to cheer your mind. We are unlocked and crazy buddies of your knowledge.

We also offer you Food Facilities

Don't feel hunger too. We also provide you the food facilities so that your mind will be active all the time. We offer Only Vegetarian food right now in our workspace along with that you can have beverages too. Come and Enjoy the way you are in and you are living.

We are open for you 24x7

Don't Mind for timings. We are not closing forever. You can join us anytime may be it is a midnight or may be in afternoon. We are open for you all the time but availability of food may depends but from Morning 7AM to Night 11PM foods are availabvle

Books are available to read

We are not stopped. We are also extending the facility with reading desks. You can read books in our workspace with the collection what we have got. We are sure you are gonna like it one after the other.

Health Kits are available 24x7

If you need any first aid kit for treating your injuries, We have got one for you too. We care for you and we care for your loved ones with the facilities what we have got. For the treatment Purpose we won't charge you anything.